How to make a collage with Facebook photos?

Are you keen to create a beautiful collage with your favorite pictures from your Facebook photo albums? If yes, then here is how to make a collage with Facebook photos.

Facebook-collage-445x500To help you in this regard, an online tool known as Loupe is available. To make the collage, you can provide the tool with your own preferred photo albums or else the tool will drag images from your friends’ visible photo albums uploaded on Facebook.

For creating the collage, first of all you need to approve the app for accessing your Facebook account. After that, you are required to choose your desired photo albums and select a shape of your own choice. Then, you need to click the share button for saving the collage in your Facebook account. Besides, the permalink can be used for sending the collage through email.

 IF you are unsatisfied with the built-in design, then you can easily edit the collage anytime by simply rearranging or removing some photos from the stack.


However, the disadvantage in this case is that a very small image of the collage will be created having poor resolution. Furthermore, the collage generated by this tool is displayed as public and as of now no alternative has been found out to change the settings to private. So, you need to keep these points in mind while generating collage of your Facebook photos. But, keeping aside these minor glitches, Loupe is a very effective tool for creating beautiful collages.

So check out this amazing app and share wonderful collages of your favorite images with your Facebook friends efficiently.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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