How to remotely send web pages to your mobile device?

Do you want to send live URLs to your mobile devices and command those directly without the user’s requirement to load the things? If yes, then here is a convenient way how to remotely send web pages to your mobile device.

You can easily send live URLs to your mobile devices by the help of an effective tool named as Framote. This brand new tool lets you share and direct the live URLs remotely.Framote

For this purpose, you need to determine a particular website such as and an exclusive URL will be established by Framote for that website. This URL can then be shared with a class of people and the same website will be visible to everyone on their respective screens. When the fundamental website is updated, then all the related screens will be evidently refreshed.

Basically, this facility is of great use for testing the responsive designs. By the help of this functionality, the Framote URLs can be loaded on mobile phones and tablets by still having the principal website on the desktop computer. While opening a separate web page on the desktop, the tablet or mobile screens will inevitably get updated.dir-slideshow-anim-3

Usually, Framote install the source website into an iFRAME from within and generate an AJAX request for verifying the original URL periodically. If there is any modification in the source URL, the core features of the iFRAME on the customer’s screen is made up to date within no time. Moreover, the list of devices and IP addresses which are accessing the exclusive URL will also displayed in the Framote dashboard.

Hence, this technique has been found very effective by many. So try to implement it once and grab its benefits by sending web pages to your mobile devices.

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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