How to set a strong Password for iOS devices?

Are you insecure about your iOS devices’ safety and want to set an uncommon password for your iOS device? Here is a convenient way to know how to set a strong password for iOS devices.

activesync2People generally set obvious passwords such as their names or numbers or any other information related to their lives which can be easily decoded by a techie. So you need to be very careful while setting your iOS devices’ passwords since it may be having many of your highly personal and confidential data which you don’t want to share with anyone else but you.

Basically, the pass code of your iOS devices such iPad or iPhone is composed of digits nevertheless a much stronger and rare password can be formulated by including a single or multiple accented characters in the password.06_enter_password1

However, if the option for using alphanumeric characters while setting the password of your iOS devices is not displayed to you, then you simply need to go the Settings->General->Passcode Lock and disable the Simple Passcode option. Presently, this functionality is available only for iOS devices and is not yet applicable for Android devices.

Hence, try this process out and protect the valuable data in your iOS devices from unnecessarily being intervened by unwanted people!

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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