How to share files between your mobile phones and computer?

It is quite common to own various digital data, for instance, photos, ebooks, videos and much more in various devices like computers, mobiles and tablets. If you want them to stay collectively in a specific device, then you can get to know how to do that here. You can here learn to move data between mobile and web based applications. So here is how to share files between your mobile phones and computer.


When you want to share the data or share files among the devices, the easiest and the most popular way is the email. All you need to do is to send a mail from one device to the other and download it in the other device. There are also file storage devices that make the task less cumbersome, like the Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive, which help a lot in transferring files from one device to another through cloud.

Web based apps:

You can also use the web based apps to transfer files from one device to another. is an example where the user can upload the file in the browser and download using another device. Also, JustBeamIt is another app that is web based and the great thing about this app is that the files are sent to the destination directly from the source and there are not any third party servers involved. You can also find Google Keep offering good services in transferring text snippets among various devices. Once you write a text, or copy and paste it then you can see the same is shared in all the devices. You can use this service when you want to type complex passwords in mobile keyboards, just by copying the URLs from one device to another through Google Keep.

Apps for Android Devices:k-bigpic

With the AirDroid app you can transfer the files easily from your mobiles to computer and viceversa when you are done with installing the app. But, you need to make sure that your mobile and computer should share the same network. Another app for sharing files from Android devices is SuperBeam. Once you select the required file or files inside the file manager app choose the SuperBeam from the menu called Android sharing. Now, a QR code is available which you need verify and then the file or files can be shared to the other Android device. Even if the devices are not a part of the same Wi-Fi network, SuperBeam shares the files using the Wi-Fi Direct mode.

Apps for Mac OS and Apple Devices:

data-sharing-472x245You can trust Documentapp to offer the best service in transferring the images, photos, texts from your iPad to iPhone and in fact between any of the Apple devices. The app offers built in browsers. These browsers can support all file types that cannot be done through the Safari, the default browser in Apple. You can also never transfer Bluetooth based files with Apple devices. So if you want to transfer the photo from your camera to an iOS device, then you can make use of DropBox. DropCanvas is also another best option.

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