How to Use Your Cell Phone as a Modem?

One of the most common queries asked regarding mobile computing is a way to connect a cellular phone to a laptop or computer for web access. Though tethering is not troublesome to execute, the solution could be a bit difficult as wireless carriers have totally different rules and policies for permitting the process of tethering. Cellular phone models even have totally different limitations. Once doubtful, it is often best to consult with your service supplier and telephone set manufacturer for directions. However here’s some data on how to use your cell phone as a modem.


  1. The device you wish to be able to log on with- your laptop computer or tablet
  2. A data-capable cellular phone in use because the electronic equipment i.e., the cellular phone should be able to log in instantly.
  3. A data plan for the cell phone from your wireless supplier. Most cellular suppliers currently need you to possess information plan for your Smartphone, however regular phones may be capable of web connection and hence can act as modems for your laptop or computer.
  4. You will need to possess an information plan for the phone, whether or not it is a cellular phone or Smartphone.

Tethering choices– One may easily tether an AT&T i-Phone or most varieties of cell phones. To induce the exploitation of your AT&T cellular phone as a electronic equipment for your laptop computer or tablet.How-to-Use-Your-iPhone-4-As-a-Modem

Check if your cellular phone is within the list of Laptop Connect compatible cell phones. – Updated AT&T information plans: beginning Gregorian calendar month seven, 2010, AT&T is permitting tethering on its new DataPro plans solely, for $20 additional a month, however this doesn’t embody further information usage — information accessed from your laptop computer count as a part of the DataPro 2GB limit. “Grandfathered” customers World Health Organization had a Data Connect arrange is also able to keep their existing tethering service, that starts at $20 for light-weight users and goes up to $60 for 5GB of monthly usage.

AT&T features a comparison chart of accessible charge plans for you to match choices. Note that the Data Connect arranges area unit additionally to information plans required for your Smartphone or organizer and therefore the quantity of information you’ll be able to access with the plan is fixed, therefore tethering is expensive. To tether your cellular phone to your laptop computer, you’ll be able to use either or a cable (USB or serial), depending on your specific phone.

mob-laptop2You may furthermore need to install AT&T’s Communication Manager Software package on your laptop; the software package is additionally compatible with Windows and other select operating systems.

Once you’ve got of these things in your assessment, you’ll be able to use AT&T’s software package on your laptop or computer to initiate the affiliation to your cellular phone and utilize it as electronic equipment for logging in to the internet. Bear in mind that while utilizing the service you should not misuse or overuse the limit and fall prey to immense fees on your next bill.

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