iPhone Problems

In the present scenario, iPhone is the one most famous and preferred mobile phones and has become a craze among people but at the same time it has some flaws as well. Two of the major iPhone problems are discussed below:One of the major iPhone problems is its reduced battery life. Apple claims that the iPhone will give a battery backup of at least 5 hours even after using its varied range of features such as talking, listening music, playing games, surfing and watching videos, etc. And also there is no alternative available for replacing its exhausted battery with a fully charged one because the battery in case of iPhone is internally sealed like iPod.

Moreover, the presence of touch screen is another vital iPhone problems since it is not that suitable for a person who is in a hurry to type a message speedily without giving proper attention. Furthermore, it is not preferable to use an iPhone’s touch screen during rain or if you are wounded and using a bandage since the surety of its functionality without scratches in these cases has not yet been confirmed.

Even with these minor problems, iPhone is still considered as the best mobile phone and is widely accepted by people all over the world. So if you planning to buy one recently, you can willingly keep these points in mind but still be assured that you are taking the apt decision. So just go for it without any further delay!a9d0a52b22978839_interface_20101116

Swasti Pujari
Swasti Pujari

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